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The Geological path

At the request of the General Council 64, the “C.A.P. Terre” association realized a geologic accompaniment in the form of videos along the path of the Coast between Bidart and Guéthary (the link Guéthary – Saint Jean de Luz, will be available on summer, 2011)

Several possibilities of consultation are proposed, besides an explanatory index card.

  • players loan in the Tourism Offices of Guéthary and Bidart ( from May, 2011)
  • download of videos possible in this tourism offices


At the same time, the “C.A.P. Terre” have writing desks of geological explanations within the framework of the Roads of the Earth, among which two are visible to Guéthary on the pier of Alcyons (stations - videos n°8 and 9) and two others to Hendaye.


The route in videos

1. Description of the route (Parking lot of Erretegia)

2. Ammonites, fossils to date rocks (the North of the beach of Erretegia)

3. The crisis Tertiary Cretaceous (the North of the beach of Erretegia)

4. The carriages (the North of the beach of Erretegia)

5.  The Rhune and the geologist (Chapel Ste Madeleine)

6. Rocks a resource for the humanity (central Beach of Bidart)

7. The improvement of the quality of waters (the South of the river Uhabia)

8. The mechanism of landslides (Lifeguard post) writing desk + video

9. The flysch ( Harotzen Costa) writing desk + video 

10. The mayor and th eerosion of the Coast (Harbor of Guéthary)

Documents to be downloaded :

  • Explanatory index card of the route Bidart - Guéthary :
  • Plan of the route Bidart - Guéthary :