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Path of the coast

25 km long from Bidart to Hendaye, the path of the Coast allows the discovery of magnificent panoramas on the Basque coast and its mountains.

Seven "entrances" welcome you: Bidart, Guéthary, Saint Jean de Luz, Ciboure, Urrugne to Hendaye. You will find information in French, Basque, Spaniqh and English.

The path will allow you to go through natural spaces of an exceptional quality. Several stations of interpretation deal with a characteristic theme :

Location Theme Description
Bidart, Chapelle St Joseph The waves and surf Ideal place to observe the waves, one of the "spots" favorite surfers
Guéthary, Colline de Cenitz The Basques and the ocean One of the loveliest points of view on the Bay of Biscaywhich recalls that Basques have always experience of big adventures at sea, they were pirates, fishermen, emigrants
Saint Jean de Luz, Archiloa The coastal landscape Reading of the landscape, its strong elements of its features, coast fishermen until the nineteenth century and the tourist coast today
Saint Jean de Luz, Port de pêche The fishing The story of the whale fishery from now through fishing in distant waters
Ciboure , Quai de la Nivelle The bay, its history Very nice view of the bay, its history, its shaping by men, the construction of dikes, Fort Socoa, "les Récollets"
Urrugne , les Viviers Basque Foreshore and geological The geology of the the Basque coastline, exploring the region between high and low water

Trail coastal path

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Advices :

  • A minimum of hiking equipment is necessary.
  • To make rather in North-South direction to take advantage of the exceptional panorama on the Jaizkibel, the Three crowns and the Rhune.
  • The children must be supervised.
  • It's forbidden to bike.
  • Some portions are forbidden to animals, particularly in the sector of Abbadia, as well as on beaches.
  • The environment of the path is fragile, respect it.

Tricks :

Take advantage of the tranport on place to go through the path and get back to your departure by bus or by train.

  • Bus link from Bidart to Hendaye
  • Train link from the stations of Guéthary, St Jean de Luz and Hendaye (beach)


For more information call the Tourism office: + 33 5 59 26 56 60